Sunday, January 25, 2009

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A new piece on Mike Connell–with a caveat
Here’s an article about Mike Connell’s death,
from the Cleveland Free Times,
an alternative weekly.
It’s well worth reading, but you should take it
with a giant grain of salt.

“What Heather Connell Told Me”
(an interview with Larisa Alexandrovna)
Yesterday I sent out “Point of Impact,”
the article,
in Cleveland Scene, about
Connell’s death (
As I noted, there is much new information in
James Renner’s piece, which anyone
who cares about all this should read ASAP.
But it’s also a misleading piece–
especially on the subject of Mike’s widow,
Heather Connell,

Renner replies
Here is James Renner’s response to my interview
with Larisa Alexandrovna. I send it out with some
reluctance, as I don’t see any point to it, other than
to score some nasty points. (I told Renner as much,
and he replied, “I’m okay with that.”)
If all that he can say, or intimate, is that Larisa’s lying,

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